Ancestry Discovery

Ancestry Discovery

Discover how your unique DNA may tell your origin and shape who you are and your family genetics history using a dedicate package and software tool. 

We analyse your DNA data in state-of-the-art pipelines to produce publication-ready results. Omics Data Solutions offers its Software as a Service to analysis your DNA and tell who are your ancestral of origin, map them to some of your traits and the approximate time in your family lineage. This method summarizes the contribution of anywhere between hundreds to millions of genetic variants to determine your origin back in time and the genetic risk of developing diseases.



Genomics And Human Genetics Service

YOU PROVIDE THE DATA; WE DO THE REST. We analyse your data using our state-of-the-art tools and pipelines to produce publication-ready results. Read more…

We offer the whole range of Bioinformatics Downstream Analysis and customized pipelines for your requirements and research needs. Differences in the allele and genotype frequencies between the different groups lead to the detection of genomic regions that are associated with the certain trait. GWAS typically focus on associations between single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and traits like major diseases in humans or breeding traits in animals and plants. Omics Data Solutions’ pipelines accept any genome-wide array or sequence data, performs quality controls and perform imputation of missing data.

Our Bioinformatics Downstream analysis support services comprise:

Genetic Diversity and population Genetic
Genome-Wide Association Studies

Imputation of missing genotypes


Polygenic Risk Score

Estimating andPartitioning heritability

Functional Genome-Wide Association Studies

Other Special Services

Omics research projects, whether for publication or internal reporting, require careful planning, sound methodology and accurate analysis. We support companies and university research groups in translating ideas into concrete project plans and sampling strategies.

We take care of sample preparation, sequencing, and data analysis so that you and your team can concentrate on the biological and medical interpretation of the results. Of course, we are also pleased to help you with the interpretation and reporting of the results.

We are set up to build specific modules, pipelines, software tool tailored to your requirements.

Statistical analysis and information processing service
Custom analysis pipelines
Contract research
Scripting and modelling
Software development to meet your company/research needs and requirements
If you need to constantly repeat certain analyses of the same type, you will want to automate them. This facilitates standardized and reproducible results and minimizes hands-on time even for staff without any training in bioinformatics or biostatistics. An analysis pipeline can be custom-tailored to your needs.



We discuss with you the requirements you set for the analysis pipeline and evaluate the feasibility of the implementation.


We implement the pipeline tailored to your needs. Depending on the specifications, the result is a self-contained software package or a set of executable scripts.



Every part of your pipeline is carefully checked for errors to ensure trouble-free use. The pipeline is tested for plausibility, robustness, reliability, and usability.


Depending on its complexity custom software is delivered either as an executable script or as a Linux Docker image. Thus, you can easily run it on your own desktop PC, compute server, or in the cloud. Or you send us your data and we analyze them with your custom pipeline on our systems.



We train you and your employees in the use of your new software. To ensure the functionality of your pipeline, we further offer troubleshooting, complimentary bugfixes, updates of software components, and functional extensions.

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